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Twitter. FaceBook. iTunes. "Carl Von Clausewitz and his work On War has had a great influence on the way modern, particularly Western, militaries practice war. It is for this reason that this podcast, an exploration of war and warfare, is named The Dead Prussian. This podcast will endeavour to study war and warfare as thoroughly as Clausewitz did."

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Some examples:

     thumbWhat Would Clausewitz Do? By Mark Perry. For a growing number of military officers, combatting ISIS is a test of national resolve.
     thumbFive Things You Didn't Know About Carl von Clausewitz. by Vanya Eftimova Bellinger. Jan 6, 2016
     thumbClausewitz Would Not like America's Islamic State Strategy. by James Holmes, War on the Rocks. January 5, 2016
     thumbClausewitz: In Praise of Hate. by William M. Darley, Small Wars Journal. September 18, 2015
     thumbDown the Rabbit Hole: Alice and the Experience of Clausewitzian Genius. by Olivia Garard. February 5, 2016

Geopolicraticus [J.N. Nielsen]

Grand Strategy: The View from Oregon

J.N. Nielsen• The Clausewitzean Continuum

• The Clausewitzean Conception of Civilization

• Theoretical Geopolitics and the Theory of War

• Another book that changed the world

• More on Clausewitz

• Toward a Dialectical Conception of War

• Political Ends and Political Means

• A Clausewitzean Conception of Philosophy

DeadCarl Clausewitz logoDeadCarl Clausewitz on FaceBook

logo for "The Other Clausewitz" blogTHE OTHER CLAUSEWITZ: Vanya Eftimova Bellinger's blog covering her research on Marie von Clausewitz, which has a great deal to tell us about her husband.

ZenPundit logoZenPundit: Zenpundit is a blog dedicated to exploring the intersections of foreign policy, history, military theory, national security,strategic thinking, futurism, cognition and a number of other esoteric pursuits. See especially this search for pieces on Clausewitz, ZenPundit's rediscovery of Clausewitz, and this interesting piece on Dynamic Trinitarianism.

Hare Clausewitz
This is "Hare von Clausewitz," from Caitlin Fitzgerald, "The Children's Illustrated Clausewitz." See also Spencer Ackerman, "The Bible of Western War, Now Featuring Cartoon Animals." Wired, 18 July 2011.

Kings of War logo"Kings of War" is a blog evidently maintained without official blessings by various faculty and research students of the Department of War Studies, King's College London. Not to be confused with its fellow blog, Defence-In-Depth: Research from the Defence Studies Department, King's College London," which appears to have a more official flavor.

KINGS OF WAR: Category: Clausewitz


"Warriors: Politicians by other means"
by Kenneth Payne on February 1, 2010

"The Cognitive Challenge of War: Great Britain 2010"
by Kenneth Payne on January 29, 2010

"Porter rides again"
by Kenneth Payne on January 27, 2010

"Jihad and Clausewitz"
by Thomas Rid on January 9, 2010

"Strategies, analogies and Luttwak"
by Patrick Porter on January 2, 2010

"Iran’s Date with Destiny"
by Thomas Rid on December 30, 2009

DEFENCE-IN-DEPTHCategory: Clausewitz


"Clausewitz in Orbit: Spacepower Theory and Strategic Education"
by Bleddyn Bowen on 10 June 2015

"On the Psychology of Defence"
by Ken Payne on 23 MAR 2016 (see also Ken's fuller paper)

"Clausewitz and Learning Through Communities of Practice"

by Robert T. Foley on 18 FEB 2015

ChicagoBoyzLogoChicagoBoyz: Joe Guerra describes ChicagoBoyz and his experience with the ChicagoBoyz Clausewitz Roundtable.

Economist's logo for its Clausewitz blog.

THE ECONOMIST's CLAUSEWITZ BLOG: Defence, security and diplomacy

Another Economist logoIn this blog, The Economist's correspondents provide reporting and analysis on the subjects of defence, security and diplomacy, covering weapons and warfare, spooks and cyber-attacks, diplomats and dead-drops. The blog is named after Carl von Clausewitz, the Prussian soldier and military theorist whose classic work, On War, is still widely studied today.

Avatar for NerveAgentVISIONS OF EMPIRE: Thoughts on the ceaseless struggles for power that define our world by "NerveAgent"

J.C. Wylie: American Clausewitz? (12 APR 2009) - Positively evaluates Wylie's work without attempting to displace the former.

Ventriloquizing Clausewitz (25 FEB 2010) - Criticizes John Nagl’s discussion of Clausewitz in Nagl's Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife: Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam (2002).

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Waiting For Our Clausewitz

Waiting For Our Clausewitz II

Confusion? Or Willful Misreading?

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The Clausewitz Studies Newsletter (monthly), edited by Vanya Eftimova Bellinger, is currently in a long "creative pause." Earlier issues remain on-line.

VOL I (2016): No.1 - No.2 - No.3 - No.4 - 
No.5 - No.6 - No.7 No.8 - No.9

VOL II (2017): No.1 - No.2 - No.3


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