Inspiration and Insight from a Master Strategist

by Carl von Clausewitz

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edited by Tiha von Ghyczy, Bolko von Oetinger, and Christopher Bassford

From the Boston Consulting Group's Strategy Institute
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (see Wiley Press Release)
ISBN: 0471415138 (also see Kindle edition.)

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Think about strategy and sharpen your judgment in an unpredictable environment. Carl von Clausewitz is widely acknowledged as one of the most important of the major strategic theorists; he's been read by Eisenhower, Patton, Kissinger, Chairman Mao, and many other leaders. In Clausewitz on Strategy, the Boston Consulting Group's Strategy Institute has excerpted the passages most relevant to business strategy from Clausewitz's classic work On War. That famous book is the most general, applicable, and enduring work of strategy in the modern West: a source of insight into the nature of conflict, whether on the battlefield or in the boardroom. Clausewitz speaks the mind of the executive, revealing logic that t hose interested in strategic thinking and practice will find invaluable. He presents unique ideas, such as the idea that friction—the difference between what happens in plans and what happens in reality—is an intrinsic part of strategy. Clausewitz on Strategy offers Clausewitz's framework for self-education, a way to train the reader's strategic judgment. 

THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP is one of the world's leading management consulting firms. Its clients include many of the world's industry leaders.
TIHA VON GHYCZY is a faculty member at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. He is a fellow of the BCG Strategy Institute of The Boston Consulting Group. As a former partner of BCG, he was engaged in the practice groups for manufacturing/time-based competition and high technology. 
BOLKO VON OETINGER is a Senior Vice President of The Boston Consulting Group and Director of the firm's Strategy Institute. He is a member of BCG's Technology and Communications practice and has published many articles and several books on strategy and innovation. 
CHRISTOPHER BASSFORD is a former US Army artillery officer. Long Professor of Strategy at the National War College in Washington, DC, he now teaches at JSOMA, part of the Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg. He is webmaster of The Clausewitz Homepage, and the author of several books, including Clausewitz in English: The Reception of Clausewitz in Britain and America (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994).
"Writers who use war as a metaphor for business have always been less than appealing to me. Maybe it's because, as some folks say, "It's a 'guy' thing," and I'm not a guy. On the other hand, I had trouble putting down Clausewitz on Strategy (Wiley, 2001), a publication of the Boston Consulting Group's Strategy Institute and edited by Tiha von Ghyczy, Bolko von Oetinger, and Christopher Bassford. In their carefully chosen selections from Clausewitz's On War and in their lengthy commentary in the introduction, these present-day strategists present much food for thought."
Marilyn Norris, Strategy &
, May/June 2001
"Like many who are interested in strategy, I have attempted to read his classic book, On War. I found it to be hard going, and of limited benefit to my interest in business strategy. Clausewitz on Strategy is an extremely well-done book that takes the key points of On War, polishes them until they shine brightly, sets them amid many commentaries that elaborate on the same points, and uses a thoughtful introduction to connect the ideas to business strategy. The book's structure reminded me of a fine necklace, with the major gem stones set amidst complementary smaller gems. For me, this was the perfect approach, and I liked the book very much."
Donald Mitchell
Amazon Reader Review